Monday, July 27, 2009

Colima, El Salvador

The view from the Hacienda's veranda.

Broccolina the cat and the hacienda's mascot!

Mauricio, Activist, graphic designer and responsible for most of the daily shenanigans.
On most occasions one could find me in the kitchen with the ladies.

Team fun

Carmen's students perform the Torito Pinto.

Sophie distributing popcorn to the masses!

Puppet show

Amanda and Christian in Suchitoto, waiting for the karaoke bus to take us back to Colima.

Teatro de Suchitoto

Checkout the eyeball on her snake!

Liz and her little buddy.

Sketches of the new mural

Children working on their family trees.

Sophie's map of Colima project.

The making of the Torito Pinto

Fresh tortillas were made every day for every meal

The lovely Amanda Eicher at her best.

This was the highlight of my trip to El Salvador! Nanda heard that I was in the area and sought me out in hopes of befriending me. I spent a couple of afternoons in her kitchen, mostly stuffing my face with fresh tortillas and cheese. This lady is a gem.

The making of pollo en crema by Margarita!

Women grind maize daily for fresh masa.

During my first visit with Doña Margarita she insisted in teaching me how to properly roast fresh cashews.

On most days this horse- family kept us company during the mural painting.

Magic trick class! No kidding!

I just couldn't help myself.

Doña Blanca made it a point to give me a hug and kiss every morning.

Sugar cane factory

Our first walk up to the hacienda.

Our living quarters at the hacienda